Niche Living Dun Laoghaire

Welcome to’s detailed overview of our recent campaign for Niche Living Dun Laoghaire, Ireland’s first purpose-built co-living building, from Bartra.

This case study delves into the precise digital marketing techniques we utilised, from influencer collaborations to cutting-edge social media strategies. 

If you’re aiming for tangible results and a robust digital footprint for your property, the insights that follow will prove invaluable. Dive in to discover how we transformed digital engagement into real-world occupancy.

As an entirely new concept in residential living in Ireland, it was crucial that our marketing clearly communicated this unique experience. That's where Nevan and the team at stepped in, understanding our vision and elevating it with an authentic and engaging content strategy. Working with Nevan and the team was seamless and refreshing. They consistently presented innovative solutions, ensuring a smooth process with no unexpected surprises. I look forward to our continued partnership with as we grow the Niche Living brand both in Ireland and beyond.
Nigel McGuire
Chief Brand Officer, Niche Living, Bartra

Part 01
Bringing the vision to life

In collaboration with Bartra for the Niche Living Dun Laoghaire project, we were inspired by their vision to redefine what modern living looks like in Ireland. Together, we recognised the potential to bring this vision to life through a strategy rooted in authenticity and genuine storytelling.

Moving away from the industry norm of polished, high-gloss imagery and professional models, we agreed that showcasing real-life experiences was key to connecting with our audience.

Our shared goal was to present Niche Living as a tangible, relatable community, not just an idealised concept.

Embracing user-generated content and working alongside influencers who reflected the diversity and vibrancy of the Niche Living community, we were able to craft a brand identity that resonated deeply with potential residents.

This collaborative effort allowed us to reveal the true spirit of Niche Living, drawing in our audience with stories that highlighted the genuine, day-to-day joys of being part of such a dynamic community.

Real-life resident stories

The impact was clear: a more trustworthy and approachable brand image that successfully drew the community closer to what Niche Living truly offers.

Part 02
Influencer Collaborations

We teamed up with influencers to amplify Niche Living Dun Laoghaire’s presence. Our collaboration with fashion influencer, Damien Broderick, highlighted the property’s modern amenities and lifestyle.

We provided an end-to-end service to our client, selecting the influencer, managed the outreach, negotiation of agreements, and set specific content guidelines to ensure authenticity and alignment with Niche Living’s ethos.

Reel 1

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Reel 2

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Reel 3

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Part 03
Instagram Growth & Engagement

We leveraged Instagram for both growth and engagement, focusing on the Niche Living community. 

Our expertise in organic growth and community management is unparalleled, and with our social media manager being an influencer in her own right, we bring invaluable experience that directly benefits our clients.

Personalised DMs

for each subscriber

Quick response

to customer inquiries

Reached over



Part 04
User-Generated Content Strategy

Through resident-contributed content, we gave an authentic glimpse into life at Niche Living Dun Laoghaire.

Our team devised the incentivisation initiative and took charge of outreach, managing relationships, and curating all content submitted by residents, ensuring a steady stream of genuine and engaging narratives.

Videos & images

from real residents

Reward system

for resident contributions


engagement rates

for UGC

Part 05
Lead Generation with Facebook & Instagram Ads

We used Facebook’s lead generation forms to gather leads through adverts on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to lead generation, we implemented custom automations to guarantee every lead receives an personalised response, is promptly added to our database, and their information is instantly emailed to the lettings team for immediate follow-up.

This resulted in

2,500+ leads



lead forms

Instant notifications

for sales agents


email responders

Part 06
Google Ads Strategy

Utilising Google Ads ensures our properties are prominently featured at the top of search results when potential residents are actively seeking accommodation, significantly increasing visibility and inquiries.

Form submissions



Call duration


Part 07
YouTube Advertising

We effectively harnessed YouTube, the leading video platform, to promote Niche Living Dun Laoghaire.

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Part 08
TikTok Ventures

Tapping into the youthful audience of TikTok, we’ve begun showcasing Niche Living Dun Laoghaire.

new followers
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views of Damien Broderick's video